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Books Online

Christian Radio and Television: Books online


  • Amen and Amen - Read articles    and books from D.L. Moody, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles G. Finney, Jonathan    Edwards, R.A. Torrey, C.T. Studd, and others. 

  • The Bible: A Progressive    Revelation - A view of the Bible and its themes by a North Carolina    Baptist minister, S. L. Morgan. 

  • Bible Basics - Study manual revealing    the joy and peace of true Christianity, available online in many languages. 

  • Bible in Modern English    - Charles Tempelton's blending of the four gospels of the New Testament into    a single modern English narrative. 

  • - A guide to    developing a Christian life that's not only stable in the times of storms,    but is refreshing and beautiful. 

  • Blessed is He    who Reads - Devotional commentary on Revelation by Edward B. Allen.    Applies Revelation to contemporary Christian living, rather than providing    commentary on theology or current events. PDF format. 

  • Calvary Chapel    Library - Online resources include Bible study, Christian classics, and    the Chuck Smith Archives (books, sermons and outlines by the senior pastor    of Cavalry Chapel Costa Mesa). 

  • CBMW: Books on the Gender    Debate - Includes several books in PDF format. 

  • Christian Book Summaries    - 5000 word summary of new books, designed to give the reader an    understanding of its core content. Notification service by free subscription    or view archives [pdf format]. 

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library -    Archive includes reference, fiction, hymnody, World Wide Study Bible, Early    Church Fathers series. CD containing most of the archive available for    purchase. 

  • Christian Discipleship    Study Series - Designed to help Christians reach spiritual maturity and    reach the world for Christ; may be used in one-on-one discipleship or study    groups. Free download (PDF format). 

  • Christian    Hospitality: Biblical Archives - Large collection of Christian texts in    PDF format. Includes selected early church fathers, Bible commentaries, and    reformed classics. 

  • Christian Writings - F. W.    Farrar's classic, 'The Life of Christ'. Other works in progress. The title    page is a photo the rest is OCR scanned. 

  • The Circle for the Anointed    Savior - Find the narrow path that few have found and most desire to    avoid. 

  • Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance -    Perspectives on Science and Scripture providing a worldview that brings    together faith and reason. 

  • Elpis Publications -    John P. McGraw writes on his views of truth and corruption in the churches    today. 

  • The Faith - Two books    "The Faith" and "Satanic Minds". 

  • Faith Studio - Books on    theology, the Christian worldview, and apologetics by Vincent Cheung [PDF]. 

  • Free Christian Audio    Books - Download classic Christian audio books in mp3, wma, and iPod    formats. 

  • Free Online Books    - Several books, including Augustine, Spurgeon, Tozer (PDF format - require    Adobe Acrobat Reader). Links to other books. 

  • Glorify His Name - Online books    by St. Bernard, Brother Lawrence, St. Teresa, and St. John of the Cross. 

  • God Spoke    Tibetan - Missionary to Tibet recounts how the Tibetan Bible came to be    printed. Online copy of a book originally published in 1971 and now out-of    print. 

  • The Gospel of    Your Salvation - Disciple Dave on living the Christian life. 

  • Free Christian    Ebooks - Collection includes Bible studies, Christian living, and    ministry. 

  • Grace Gems! - Collection of    quotes, sermons, and books. 

  • Heaven Net: Writings -    Book of Enoch, Pilgrim's Progress, Polycarp, Shepherd of Hermas; and some    original religious articles. 

  • Holiness and Missions    - 1940's out-of-print classic by Nazarene missions promoter Susan Fitkin. 

  • ICLnet    Guide to Christian Literature - Directory of Bibles and books accessible    on the internet, from ICLnet's large archive and other sources. 

  • The    Imitation of Christ - W. Benham translation. In HTML, at World Wide    School. Each chapter in its own file, with links to previous, next, table of    contents, or any other chapter. If you are using a graphical browser, this    is the online equivalent of a "large print" edition. 

  • Jesus is Coming Soon - Kenneth Floyd    writes concerning the history and prophecies about the earth. 

  • The Kingdom of Heaven Upon the    Earth - God Glorified - Revelation Of The Absolute Truth, by Kenneth    Gardner Wingate. Reveals his extensive, meaningful, and miraculous contact    with God. PDF format. 

  • Laestadian Movements -    Background writings and testimonies of revival among the Lapps and Finns,    from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Includes autobiography,    letters and commentary, by Nils Wiklund, Abram Tapani, Leonard Typpö, and    others. 

  • Lamb Lore - Reincarnation,    pre existence of the soul, and other mysteries revealed. 

  • Letters of Faith and    Righteousness - For seekers and disciples. Topics (including scriptural    truth, prayer, and prophecy) are presented in letter format. There are    letters intended for evangelistic outreach, and others for discipleship    training. 

  • Library of Online Evangelical Christian    Books - Many authors including Billy Graham, Jill Briscoe, and Anne    Ortlund. 

  • Living Belief - Book about    Christian beliefs understood through psychology, evolution, human    development. 

  • Living Stream Ministry Online    Publications - Includes complete texts of publications, including Bible    studies by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. 

  • Love,and Do What You Want    - Searches into the practical meaning behind Christianity and the freedom it    promises. Also includes ordering information for the text version of the    book. 

  • Mary's Mountain Stories and    Legends. - Catholic stories and legends by Ed Noonan, illustrated by    various artists. For children of all ages. 

  • Mount Zion Bible Church:    Library - Texts, mostly sermons. 

  • My Wonderful Adventures    with Jesus - Tom Sawyer's account of how the Lord called, trained, and    equipped him to go and minister his word in the Republic of the Philippines. 

  • Norman Grubb - Missionary and    author who wrote many books and articles as well as biographies of great men    and women of faith. 

  • An Omnibus of Prayer - How    to pray and how prayer changed the authors life. 

  • Puritan Books - Puritan Books    scans Old English Language Christian writings and makes them available as    PDF documents. 

  • Restoring the Vision of the    End Times Church - Prophetic teaching of the victorious end times church    walking as Jesus walked. 

  • Revival Library - Source    materials including revival accounts, biographies and other inspirational    documents. Catalogue and pensketches. 

  • Russ, Speery and Linda: What God    Thinks of You - Online book "Twenty-Four Sermons" by John    Bovee Dods, Pastor of First Universalist Society, 1832. Personal artwork. 

  • The Secret Of Eternal    Life - Full series of books and biblical studies by the Rev. Bill    Turner. 

  • The Secret    Room - Short version of The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom. 

  • Seekers of Christ -    Victorious Christian living, local church life, the judgment seat of Christ,    rewards, and the coming kingdom. 

  • Slain In The Spirit: Fact    Or Fiction - Written in 1976 by Dr. Ezra Coppin. Deals with the    controversial subject of "falling under the power." Scriptural    references given. 

  • Spiritual Survival Handbook -    Offers to show how to become equipped to survive personal crisis and win    spiritual battles . 

  • Symbols Unveiled - An    expository of the book of Revelation revealing its symbols. Over    nine-hundred word and number definitions included. 

  • The Victorious Living Library -    Library of topics of Christian concern by Dr. Dale A. Robbins. 

  • Waiting for Your Ministry - A    book about Christian ministry, free to Internet users. 

  • West, William Robert: The Resurrection and    Immortality - Online or downloadable PDF. 

  • Written Treasures -    Inspirational older religious and health articles and children's stories.



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