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Christian Radio and Television: Magazines and E-zines


  • Activated    - Online content of monthly magazine created by the International Fellowship    of Christian Communities known as The Family International based in Luton,    England. 

  • Acts Eighteen - A Christian    e-zine featuring Christian news, articles, and commentary focused on    contemporary issues in the Church. 

  • Answer Magazine - An    evangelistic magazine published by Promise Network, located in Birmingham,    Alabama. Features articles especially designed to win people to Christ. 

  • Areopagus Magazine - A    special-interest quarterly publication for Christian writers based in the    United Kingdom. Provides new writers the opportunity to see their work in    print. 

  • Available Light -    Monthly e-zine reflects on current events, reviews popular Christian books    and music, and examines the lives of Biblical characters. 

  • Believer's Bay Magazine - An    online monthly magazine based in Clearwater, Florida, features articles and    columns based on a Christian perspective. Includes a forum to announce and    discuss Christian events. 

  • The Berean - An e-mail newsletter    featuring a daily Bible verse and commentary on select portions of the    Forerunner Commentary. 

  • Bible    Believers Fellowship: The Good News Letter - A ministry publication that    is provided free of charge to prison chaplains nationwide for distribution    to Christian inmates. 

  • Bible League Trust -    Publisher of the Bible League Quarterly. Online articles (some PDF)    defending the Authorized Version of the Bible and sound doctrine. 

  • Bible Prophecy Magazine    - A Christian publication that features articles that revealed God's purpose    and plan for mankind through the prophecies recorded in the Bible. Includes    news, books and videos, forum, and newsletter. 

  • The Bible Standard -    Magazine published by the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement features    articles on Bible subjects designed to aid in personal and group Bible    study. Proclaims the message that Godís Plan of Salvation is far greater    in scope than have been previously recognized. 

  • The Biblical Evangelist -    A bi-monthly Baptist magazine, promotes historical Evangelical    Fundamentalism through sermons and columns dealing with church planting,    evangelism, and soul winning. 

  • Button's Food for Thought    - Personal e-zine dedicated to encouraging Christians to devote themselves    to following Jesus Christ. Features religious news, photos, interviews, and    a daily devotional. 

  • Canada's Christian Community Online    - A partnership initiative of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to    provide the Canadian Christian community an online meeting place for    Canadian Christians. Features articles on spiritual growth, arts and    culture, men's and women's issues, current events, missions, and church    leadership. 

  • The Christian Century - A    Christian magazine based in Chicago, Illinois nurtures the faith and    examines issues of politics, culture, and theology. Includes submission    guidelines, news, and classifieds. 

  • Christian Heartbeat - An    ecumenical e-zine of Christian life and American culture, aimed at believers    who are fervent in their faith, but tolerant in their approach toward    others. 

  • Christian Life Messenger    - A bi-monthly booklet of Christian messages that proclaim the Gospel of    Jesus Christ that is available free of charge in various formats. 

  • Christian Life Quarterly Digest - A    bilingual English and Chinese e-zine containing testimonies and articles of    interest to Chinese Christians and those interested in the growth of the    church in Mainland China. 

  • Christian New Age Quarterly    - A Christian periodical that explores the spectrum of New Age possibilities    and New Agers who seek to understand the nuances of the Christian faith.    Includes online copies of the magazine. 

  • Christian Parenting    Today - A weekly e-mail newsletter produced by Christianity Today,    features articles designed to encourage Christian parents. 

  • Christian Times Online    - Weekly eBusiness marketing newsletter, provided by World Christian    Ministries, features articles, e-tools, and audio and video training modules    from Portland, Oregon. 

  • Christianity - A    United Kingdom Christian magazine that features Bible teaching articles and    book and music reviews. 

  • Christianity Today - A    magazine of evangelical conviction -- Providing evangelical thought leaders    a sense of community, coherence, and direction through thoughtful, biblical    commentary on issues and through careful, caring reporting of the news. 

  • Christianity Today    Magazine - Provides practical tools and scriptural perspectives to the    church worldwide in e-zine format. 

  • The Church Report - Monthly    magazine featuring a resources of news, issues, and solutions for christian    leaders, pastors, and para church executives. 

  • Citizen Magazine -    Published ten times a year; covers abortion, euthanasia, pornography,    homosexual activism, and sex education; suggestions on effective responses.    (Published by Focus on the Family) 

  • Clarion: Journal of Spirituality    and Justice - An online community dedicated to exploring the connection    between spirituality and justice issues. 

  • Communique, A Quarterly    Journal - A digital and printed forum for Christian writers and artists    whose work deals with issues pertinent to the intersections of their art,    faith, culture, and community. 

  • Cornerstone Magazine - A    Jesus People USA quarterly journal on issues of culture, social action,    marriage and family, politics, and urban ministry. Features a blog and    archives. 

  • Cross Currents - Articles    on religion and philosophy from a variety of religious perspectives    including Christian, Jewish and Buddhist. 

  • The    Crossroads Online Journal - Meant to help Christians understand share    their faith. Includes original articles as well as reviews of books and    movies with the aim at using them to understand theology. 

  • Cry Aloud - A Christian e-zine from    Canada that features articles that claim the national identity of Americans,    Canadians, British, Australians, and New Zealanders came from the lost ten    tribes of Israel. 

  • The Daily Exhorter -    Christian magazine seeks to exhort, encourage, convict, and compel the    nation through the word of God. Offers free subscriptions and an online    archive. 

  • Discipleship Journal - A    bi-monthly Christian publication by NavPress, to help believers develop a    deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and provides practical help in    understanding and applying the Scriptures. 

  • Eklektikos: A    Contemporary Christian Digest - An Christian e-zine of news and    submitted articles. Features a message board, blog, opinion poll, and an    archive of past articles. 

  • The Ensign - "Advocates the    restoration of spiritual freedom in Christ." Selection of back issues    online. 

  • The Evangelical Herald -    An on-line Christian magazine devoted to the gospel of Christ, the    vindication of God, and the edification of His Church. 

  • Evangelical Times -    Monthly newspaper published in England. World news, Christian commentary,    and a variety of articles. By mail subscription and online. 

  • Faith for Life -    Non-denominational Christian magazine based in Ireland is designed to    inspire and motivate Christians to action by informing them on issues that    are of concern to Christian people around the world. 

  • FaithWriters Magazine -    Christian magazine and e-zine that provides encouragement, inspiration,    spiritual support and practical helps for Christians from around the world. 

  • First Things - Published by The    Institute on Religion and Public Life, to advance a religiously informed    public philosophy. Edited by Richard Neuhaus, known for his book, "The    Naked Public Square" 

  • First to Inspire - Christian    e-zine features Bible studies, articles, poetry, news, and book reviews. 

  • Focus on the Family Magazine -    A monthly Christian publication focusing on preservation of the family. View    online articles or receive a complimentary magazine. 

  • Freedom Within -    Newsletter from behind prison walls by a young prisoner who has found Jesus    Christ there, and longs to help other people avoid a life of trouble and    ultimate despair. Includes letters and poetry written by inmates. 

  • Fresh Outlook -    Interdenominational Christian magazine presenting biblical outlooks on    marriage, business, health, finance, nutrition, and other topics. 

  • Gathering Of The Waters    Christian Magazine - Publication committed to promoting spiritual growth    and equipping people to express their God given gifts and talents. Table of    Contents only online. Focus on Milwaukee, WI. 

  • Gentle Spirit - All things    home, all things natural, all things neighborly - a monthly magazine for    homeschoolers, homesteaders, and other neighborly folks. 

  • God's Revivalist -    Publication of God's Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio, proclaim the good    news of salvation, and calls Christians to revival. 

  • The Gospel    Truth Magazine - Christian Magazine dedicated to helping Christians    develop a closer walk with our Lord and Savior. 

  • Grace Centered Magazine -    Internet publication for Christians features articles and discussion on    prayer and living the Christian life. Roots of the publication are in the    Restoration Movement. 

  • Guideposts Magazine -    Christian publication that features true stories of hope and inspiration    since 1945. Includes the current issue online and in Braille, photos, and    forums. 

  • Hidden Wisdom Magazine    - A bi-monthly Christian publication that features encouraging articles on a    particular theme. Includes a guestbook, news bulletin, Bible study helps,    and an archive of past issues. 

  • In Search of Peace Magazine    - Free online Christian magazine that features songs, life stories, and    poems. Available in English, Malayalam and Tamil. 

  • Irish Christians Online -    Charismatic, interdenominational Christian e-zine provides news and    resources for churches, communities, prayer and youth groups on the island    of Ireland. 

  • Just Between Us Christian -    Quarterly magazine which seeks to provide encouragement, inspiration,    spiritual support and practical insights for ministry wives and women in    church, parachurch, and missions leadership. Current issue, archive, how to    subscribe and readers views. 

  • Leadership Journal    - Practical journal provides insights on critical issues facing today's    pastors and church leaders published by Christianity Today. 

  • Life in the Spirit - Bi-monthly    Christian magazine focusing on the Spirit-filled life, revival, holiness,    worship, Christian maturity and evangelism. 

  • Lighthouse of Hope - An    e-mail newsletter with a variety of stories, teachings, poems, occasional    jokes, others tidbits and thoughts. Intent is to provide hope and    encouragement. Archived issues available on site. 

  • Lion & Lamb - Christian    magazine produced by ECONI promotes reflection, discussion, comment and    debate on issues facing the community in Northern Ireland. 

  • Living Waters -    Christian e-zine of articles that proclaim the gospel and the edification of    the Body of Christ. 

  • Looking Up - A monthly    Christian variety magazine offering inspirational and encouraging articles    for the everyday Christian. Site features articles, news, resources, and    links. 

  • Markets & Morality    - A journal that promotes intellectual exploration of the relationship    between economics and morality from both social science and theological    perspectives from the Action Institute, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

  • Marriage Partnership    - A biweekly newsletter, published by Christianity Today, that provides    information and articles of interest for couples. 

  • Mars Hill Review - Christian    journal that features full length essays, in-depth studies of issues and    interviews with writers, teachers, and artists. Includes poetry and books,    music, and film reviews. 

  • Men of Integrity -    Your daily guide to the Bible and prayer. Published in association with    Promise Keepers. 

  • Moody Magazine - Magazine    ceased publication in July, 2003. Presents an archive only site of past    publications of perspective for Christian living. 

  • The New Pantagruel: Hymns in the    Whorehouse - A quarterly electronic journal featuring irreverent    articles about religion and politics. 

  • New Wineskins New    Zealand Online Christian Magazine - Non denominational online Christian    magazine based in New Zealand features articles on the Christian life.    Includes feedback, books, and an archive of back issues. 

  • Praise Magazine - Christian    magazine that empowers, educates, and equips Christians in their faith.    Promotes the works of the Holy Spirit and God's miraculous intervention in    the lives of believers. 

  • Pray - A NavPress    publication, providing practical help for Christians who want to pray more    powerfully and effectively. 

  • Preaching Today - Christian    journal produced by Christianity Today provides Bible preaching tools and    training for pastors. 

  • Present Truth - Monthly e-mail    newsletter features a collection of Bible studies focusing on revealing a    clearer understanding of Godís character. 

  • Raven's Bread - A quarterly    newsletter for hermits and those interested in the eremitical life. Includes    articles for meditation, discussion on a contemplative life, and poetry. 

  • Reality Magazine -    Christian magazine explores the state of the world and the Christian Church.    Features an archive of past issues, published by the Bible College of New    Zealand. 

  • Reformed Perspective - A    Canadian-based monthly Christian magazine that looks at society and culture    from a Calvinist viewpoint. 

  • Reformed Quarterly - The    official publication of Reformed Theological Seminary, published four times    a year. Full text of articles available. 

  • Revival Times Magazine -    Christian magazine from the Kensington Temple in London, England, features    mission news, Bible teaching, and interviews. 

  • Scripture    Truth - A quarterly magazine and e-zine featuring Bible teaching from    the United Kingdom. 

  • Searching Together - A    quarterly publication of Word of Life Church, a non-profit corporation with    offices in Taylors Falls, Minnesota. Features a bookstore and archive of    back issues. 

  • Sheaves Christian Resources - An    ezine of Christian editorial and apologetic columns, resources for Bible    study and/or devotions, doctrinal information, and FAQs on issues of    interest to Christians. 

  • Shulamite E-zine -    Shulamite Ministries monthly e-zine offers edification and encouragement to    walking out the Christian life. 

  • Sojourners - Christian ministry based    in Washington, DC seeks to proclaim and practice the biblical call to    integrate spiritual renewal and social justice. Features the Sojourners    magazine, SojoMail, and an online biblical commentary. 

  • Spirit Touch -    Christian e-zine features articles on health, spirituality, relationships,    beauty and fashion tips, interviews, and life lessions edited by Minister    Marie DePree. 

  • Sunday Magazine - Includes    current articles, editorials, archives, and calendar of events. Vancouver    Island, Canada. 

  • Supervision Specialist - The    newsletter of the First Christian Church of Crown Point, IN. Numerous    articles with biblical teachings on living and obeying God's word. 

  • Teachers in Focus    - Discontinued, but archives are available. Published by Focus on the Family    (U.S) 

  • Third Way - Current affairs    magazine, written from a Christian perspective. Site archives interviews and    selected articles; also provides a directory of web links and subscription    information. 

  • Touchstone: A Journal of Mere    Christianity - Conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with    editors and readers from Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox    traditions. Provides a place where Christians of various backgrounds can    speak with one another on the basis of shared belief in the fundamental    doctrines of the faith. 

  • Treasures of the Snow -    Monthly ezine featuring inspirational stories, poems, Bible insights and    articles on Creation and Bible accuracy. 

  • The Turning Magazine - A free    online magazine featuring articles that ask hard questions of Christianity.    Includes an archive of past issues. 

  • Underground Hope - Archived PDF    newsletter discusses various aspects of the Christian faith and the    incompatible differences that exist between Islam and Christianity. 

  • U-Turn - A quarterly publication    featuring articles on a variety of Christian topics. Includes back issues,    writer's guide, and subscription information. 

  • Vanguard Magazine - A    Christian publication based in Bedford, England, features articles that    provide Biblical instruction to believers and information about false    teachings and those who propagate them. Current and previous issues    available via PDF. 

  • Vision of the Church -    Articles based on Bible passages and Christian topics. 

  • Whispers of the    Spirit - Monthly Christian letters that cover a variety of subjects such    as grace, holiness, abortion, homosexuality, forgiveness, sin, theology. 

  • Wicket Gate - Bi-monthly    magazine of the Reformed Baptist Church in Inverness, Scotland. 

  • Winsome Wit - E-zine where    Christian faith and humor are not mutually exclusive categories. Promotes a    Christian world-view in a witty and winsome way. Resource for Christian    writers, pastors and laypeople.



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