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Christian Radio and Television: News and Media


  • AgapePress Christian News Service    - Focuses on current issues; requires free subscription. 

  • ASSIST News Service - News about    the world and Christianity from an evangelical perspective. 

  • Bible Network News - News    from around the world about how Christians are translating, publishing and    distributing the Bible 

  • Books and Culture -    Edifying, sharpening, and nurturing the evangelical, intellectual community    by engaging the world in all its complexities from a distinctly Christian    perspective. 

  • Canadian Christianity -    News and articles related to Canadian religious issues. Updated weekly,    searchable archives. 

  • Charisma News Service -    Christian and under-reported secular news that concerns Christians. By    Charisma magazine, a leading provider of news about the    Pentecostal/charismatic movement for the past decade. 

  • Christdot - News for Jesus    Freaks. Eternal Matters. 

  • Christian Headlines -    Links to religious news from international Christian and secular sources.    Updated daily. 

  • Christian News Daily -    The Daily Internet Digest of Christian news and information from the U.S.    and around the world. Updated continuously throughout the day. 

  • Christian Wire Service -    National news release wire service distributing news issued from Washington    DC to media and online services. 

  • -    Christian news media service based in Cincinnati, Ohio which features    Christian World News, Missions News, and Christian articles 

  • ChristianToday - Independent    and ecumenical Christian news source covering all Christian news, including    editorials, politics, and theology. 

  • ChristianWeek - Canada's    Christian news source 

  • A Chronicle of the Christian Faith    - Blog-style collection of recent news articles from around the country and    the world. 

  • News & Culture    - News and cultural commentary from a Christian perspective. Daily religion    feature stories, commentaries, and analysis. 

  • Eleventh    Hour Ministries - An End Time News report for Christians to have access    to current events in order to pray the news effectively. 

  • Family News in Focus - A    daily news broadcast published by Focus on the Family (U.S.). Transcripts    and streaming audio available. 

  • GetReligion - The mainstream    media doesn't. Commentary on religious issues in the news. 

  • Global Jesus Christ Network - GJCN is a    non-denominational Christian news service that reports news online from a    Christian perspective. 

  • JesusForKing - Selected news    stories and comment with an extreme right wing Christocratic slant. 

  • Journey    with Jesus - Compilation of news from various sources, focused on world    news from a conservative Christian viewpoint. 

  • Koenig's International News -    Biblicially relevant world news with a focus on Israel and prophecy. 

  • Lawgiver.Org - A    Christian View of World Events - Selected news stories, and a discussion    forum. 

  • Mission Network News - A mission    news service dedicated to keeping Christians informed on evangelical mission    activity around the world. 

  • - Links to news    items across the Internet. 

  • Persecution, Slavery, and Ethics News    - supplies recent news concerning persecution, slavery,    and ethics in the world today. 

  • Planet Light - Up    to the minute world and Christian news. 

  • Religion News Blog -    Current and archived religion news items, articles and web sites about    cults, religious sects and alternative religions from an apologetics    perspective. 

  • Religion News Service - The RNS    calls themselves "an authoritative source of news about religion,    ethics, spirituality and moral issues." They have been reporting for    over 60 years, and cover all religions from Christianity to Islam to New    Age. 

  • Religion Today - Daily    religion news from the United States and around the world. 

  • Second Hand Christian - Compilation of    current news from a Christian perspective. 

  • The Seventh Trumpet -    Commentary on events of our time from a Christian perspective. Includes    current and past issues, an e-book and testimonials. 

  • Truthcast - News, commentary, and    features from a Christian perspective and links to a wide variety of news    sources. 

  • World Council of    Churches Press releases - Press releases, updates and feature of the    ecumenical organization WCC (World Council of Churches)
  •    XML Feeds

  • Assist News Service (ANS)    - News about the world and Christianity from an evangelical perspective.    [RSS] 

  • Christian Today -    Independent and ecumenical Christian news source covering all Christian    news, including editorials, politics, and theology. [RSS] 

  • Mission Network    News - Evangelical mission activity and news around the world. [RSS] 

  • Mission    Network News Podcast - Evangelical mission news from around the world.    [RSS] 

  • Religion News Blog -    Current and archived religion news items, articles and web sites about    cults, religious sects and alternative religions from an apologetics    perspective. [RSS]



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