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Radio Stations USA Texas

Christian Radio and Television: Radio Stations Texas


  • KAMY 90.1 FM - Family life    radio station in Lubbock features family oriented programs and Christian    praise music. Find a program guide and photo gallery. 

  • KBBW AM 1010 - Christian talk radio    station in Waco, features Bible preaching and Christian help programs,    station news, events, and a program guide. 

  • KBNJ 91.7 FM - Format of religious talk    programs and Contemporary Christian music from Corpus Christi. Features a    program guide and a live broadcast link. 

  • KBNU 93.9 FM and KBLT 104.3 FM    - The Message Radio stations in Uvalde and Leakey feature Contemporary    Christian music and Bible preaching programs. Includes links to featured    Bible teachers. 

  • KCAS 91.5 FM - In Mission.    Features religious talk programs and contemporary Christian music for the    people living in the Upper Rio Grande Valley. 

  • KCBI 90.9 FM - Family friendly    Christian talk programs and music from Arlington. Features community events,    news, and bios of on air personalities. 

  • KCRN 93.9 FM and AM 1340 - Contemporary    Christian music and Bible teaching programs from San Angelo. Features a    program guide, top 20 song list, events, contests, and streaming audio. 

  • KDRY AM 1100 - Christian programing    from San Antonio. 

  • KELP AM 1590 - Christian radio    station in El Paso broadcasts inspirational music and informational programs    in both English and Spanish. 

  • KFLB 90.5 FM and AM 920 -    Family Life Radio station in Odessa features Christian talk programs and    Contemporary Christian music. 

  • KGNZ 88.1 FM, 90.9 FM, 91.9 FM, and 88.5 FM    - Broadcasts Contemporary Christian music, news, and Bible preaching    programs from Abilene. Features a list of translators locations, event and    concert calendar, and Internet audio stream. 

  • KJAK 92.7 FM - Broadcasts Gospel and    Contemporary Christian music and Bible teaching programs from Lubbock.    Features a football broadcast schedule and Internet audio stream. 

  • KJIC 90.5 FM - Provides a format of    traditional gospel music from Santa Fe. Features a newsletter, events    calendar, and Internet audio streams. 

  • KKHT 106.9 FM - The Word, Christian    talk radio station in Houston. Features a program guide, contests, photos    and Internet audio stream. 

  • KLTY 94.9 FM - Christian radio station    in Irving, airs Contemporary Christian music and Bible teaching programs.    Features a community calendar, studio cam, and Internet audio stream. 

  • KNLE 88.1 FM - Contemporary    Christian music station in Austin. Live audio feed. 

  • KRGN 103.1 FM - Family Life Radio    station in Amarillo broadcasts a format of Contemporary Christian music and    Bible teaching programs. 

  • KRIO AM 910 and    KOIR 88.5 FM - Radio Esperanza, is the Spanish language Christian radio    station of the Rio Grande Bible Institute in McAllen. Features a format of    music and Bible teaching programs along with an Internet audio stream. 

  • KSBJ 89.3FM - Christian music station    in Humble features a concert and events calendar, contests, and Internet    audio feed. 

  • KSKY AM 660 - News Talk Christian radio    station in Irving features an OP/ED page, National and World Headlines, and    Internet audio stream. 

  • KSLR AM 630 - Christian talk radio in    San Antonio features editorials, community calendar, and a Internet audio    stream. 

  • KSWP 90.9 FM - Christian radio station    in Lufkin broadcasts contemporary Christian music and Bible teaching    programs for the whole family. Features a concert and event calendar and    links to artists. 

  • KTEO 90.5 FM - His    Kids Radio, Christian programming for children, serving Wichita, Texas. 

  • KTPW 89.7 FM - Power FM, playing    Christian rock from Dallas. Includes internet stream. 

  • KVMV FM 97 - The Valley's Christian    radio station in McAllen provides a format of family programs, contemporary    music, and community news. Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • KVNE 89.5 FM and KGLY 91.3 FM -    Provides a format of Contemporary Christian music and Bible preaching    programs from Tyler. 

  • KVTT 91.7 FM - Christian teaching    programs and praise music for the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. 

  • KWRD 100.7 FM - The Word,    Christian talk radio station in Irving, features a program guide, photo    album and live audio feed.



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