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Radio Stations USA Ohio

Christian Radio and Television: Radio Stations Ohio


  • WAKW 93.3 FM - Contemporary Christian    music station in Cincinnati features concert and event news, survey,    newsletter, and scrapbook. 

  • WCRF    103.3 FM - Moody Broadcasting Network station broadcasts Bible teaching    programs and Praise and Worship music from Cleveland. Features a program    schedule and playlist. 

  • WCVO 104.9 FM - The River, Contemporary    Christian music station in New Albany features events, top 10 list, and    Internet audio stream. 

  • WCVZ 92.7 FM - Christian radio    station in Zanesville, Ohio broadcasts contemporary Christian music and    Bible teaching programs for the whole family. 

  • WEEC 100.7 FM - Broadcast inspirational    music and Bible teaching programs from Springfield. Featuress a program    schedule, pictures, Bible challenge, a guestbook, and streaming audio. 

  • WFCJ 93.7 FM - Broadcasts Bible-based    teaching, inspirational music, news, weather, sports, and traffic from    Dayton. 

  • WFCO 90.0 FM - Lancaster community    radio station broadcasts a format of Bible teaching programs and    inspirational music. Features a newsletter, local events, and Internet audio    stream. 

  • WFHM 95.5 FM - The Fish, is a    Contemporary Christian music radio station in Cleveland. Features concert    and event information, photos, and an Internet audio stream. 

  • WGNZ AM 1110 - Provides Southern Gospel    music and Bible teaching programs from Dayton. Live Real Audio feed. 

  • WHK AM 1420 - News Talk Christian    radio station in Cleveland, Ohio features headline news, weather, special    events, and a program guide. 

  • WJYW 88.9 FM - Joy FM, Christian    radio station in Union City, broadcasts Contemporary Christian music. 

  • WPOS 102.3 FM - Gospel music and    Bible teaching radio station in Holland features concert and event news,    program guide, and photo gallery 

  • WQRP 89.5 FM - Praise and worship    radio station in Dayton, broadcasts Contemporary Christian music. Features    news, playlist, and Internet audio stream. 

  • WRFD AM 880 - Broadcast Bible teaching    programs from Columbus. Features a community guide, ministry of the month,    and contest information. 

  • WTGN 97.7 FM - Inspirational    programming and music with translators in Findlay and Kenton. A partial    Moody Bible affiliate with online streaming audio. 

  • WVMC 90.7 FM, 91.1 FM, and 91.5 FM -    Broadcasts Contemporary Christian music to Ashland, Willard, and Mansfield,    Ohio. Features local concert and event information, contests, top 20 songs,    and a program schedule. 

  • WXML 90.1 FM - Features inspirational,    contemporary, and southern gospel Christian music from Upper Sandusky. Find    community events and learn how to submit a prayer request. 

  • WYSZ, WYSA, WYSM - Yes FM -    Christian hit radio for Detroit and the central and north Ohio area, based    out of Toledo. Includes streaming audio.



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