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Radio Stations USA Florida

Christian Radio and Television: Radio Stations Florida


  • Pax Catholic Communications - A media    ministry of the Archdiocese of Miami utilizes mass media for evangelism.    Operates Radio Peace, WAXY AM 790 that features daily mass and rosary,    Vatican news, with an Internet audio stream. 

  • WAYF 88.1 FM - WAY-FM Media Group's    Christian radio station in West Palm Beach, plays Contemporary Christian    music and religious programs. Features a Live Real Audio feed, events    calendar and photo album. 

  • WAYJ 88.7 FM - Fort Myers, WAY-FM    Media Group's radio station broadcasts Contemporary Christian music and    inspirational programs into Southwest Florida. 

  • WAYR AM 550 - WAY Radio, Christian    broadcasters in Green Cove Springs, airs conservative Bible teaching    programs to the Jacksonville area. 

  • WBGB 106.5 FM - The Promise    Christian radio station in Jacksonville, plays contemporary Christian music.    Features a community and event calendar, games, and contests. 

  • WBVM 90.5 FM - Spirit FM, a    media ministry of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg broadcast    Contemporary Christian music from Tampa Bay. Live Real Audio feed. 

  • WCIF 106.3 FM - Christian radio station    in Melbourne broadcasts Bible teaching programs and gospel music. Features    an event calendar, Audio Bible, and Bible Trivia. 

  • WCVC AM 1330 -    Christian radio station in Tallahassee features a blend of Christian music,    talk, teaching, and informational programs. 

  • WFRF AM 1070 - Faith Radio in    Tallahassee, features a combination of traditional, light contemporary and    Southern Gospel music as well as evangelical and informative talk programs. 

  • WGCX 95.7 FM - Praise and Worship    music radio station in Pensacola, offers program information, CD of the    month, and streaming music via 

  • WJIS 88.1 FM & 99.5 FM - The    Joy FM, Christian radio station in Sarasota features of format of family and    Bible teaching programs, Contemporary Christian music, and an Internet audio    stream. 

  • WJLU 89.7 FM, WJLH 90.3 FM, and    WMFJ AM 1450 - Corner Stone Ministries in Port Orange broadcasts    contemporary Christian music and Bible teaching programs across Florida.    Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • WJTF 89.9 FM - Christian radio station    in Panama City, broadcasts a format of Bible teaching programs, local church    news, and Southern Gospel music. Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • WKES    91.1 FM - Moody Broadcasting Network affiliate radio station in St.    Petersburg, broadcasts Bible teaching programmings and music. Features a    live Internet audio stream. 

  • WLVJ AM 640 - Family values Christian    radio station in West Palm Beach, broadcasts Bible teaching programs.    Features a Live Real Audio feed. 

  • WMCU 89.7 FM / 101.9 FM - Contemporary    Christian music radio station in Palm Beach, features a Live Real Audio    feed. This station is the radio ministry of Trinity International    University. 

  • WNCM 88.1 FM - Christian radio station    in Jacksonville, offers Contemporary Christian music and Bible teaching    programs. Features a live Real Audio feed. 

  • WNVY AM 1090 - Black Gospel radio    station in Pensacola features a program guide, local weather and a coverage    map. 

  • WPOZ 88.3 FM - Contemporary Christian    music radio station in Altamonte Springs features photos, event calendar,    and Internet audio stream. 

  • WRMB    89.3 FM - A Moody Broadcasting Network affiliate radio station in    Boynton Beach, feature Bible teaching programs, news, and music. 

  • WSCF 91.9 FM - Contemporary Christian    music radio station in Vero Beach broadcasts across Florida's east coast on    various frequencies. Features a live Real Audio feed. 

  • WSMR 89.1 FM - Sarasota Christian radio    station offers Christian music and programs. Features a staff list, program    guide, and community calendar. 

  • WTLN AM 950 and WHIM AM 1520 - The    Light is a Christian radio station in Orlando that broadcasts Bible talk    programs. Features a program schedule, Bible search, and events calendar. 

  • WVTJ AM 610 - Christian Talk radio in    Pensacola, features a program guide, local weather, and a coverage map. 

  • WZNO AM 1230 - Southern Gospel music    radio station in Pensacola features a program schedule, weather, and    coverage map.



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