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Radio Stations USA California

Christian Radio and Television: Radio Stations California


  • KADV 90.5 FM - Adventist Christian    radio station in Modesto, offers a format of music and Bible teaching    programs. Features photos, weather, and a program schedule. 

  • KAMB 101.5 FM - Family    friendly Christian radio station in Merced, features Contemporary Christian    music and Bible teaching programs. 

  • KARM 89.7 FM - Seventh-day Adventist    Christian radio station in Visalia, features a format of music, USA news,    and Bible teaching programs for the family. 

  • KAXL 88.3 FM - Christian radio station    in Bakersfield, offers a format of Contemporary praise music and Bible    teaching programs. 

  • KDAR 98.3 FM - Oxnard Christian radio    station serves Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with a format of Bible    teaching programs and talk. 

  • KDUV 88.9 FM &    100.3 FM - Provides a format of Contemporary Christian music from its    studios in Visalia and it translator Bakersfield. Features local news,    contests, and an Internet audio stream. 

  • KFAX AM 1100 - Fremont, Christian talk    radio station serves the San Francisco Bay area. Features a program guide,    resource directory, and live Real Audio feed. 

  • KFIA AM 710 - The Light, Christian    radio station in Sacramento, features a format of Bible teaching and talk    programs. 

  • KKFS 105.5 FM - The Fish,    Sacramento's Contemporary Christian radio station features music, surveys,    weather forecasts, community events, and traffic reports. Includes Internet    broadcasting. 

  • KKLA 99.5 FM - Known as the Spirit of    Los Angeles, this Glendale, Christian talk radio station features a program    guide, photos, and live Real Audio. 

  • KKMC AM 880 - Salinas, Christian talk    radio station features a community calendar, program directory, and    schedule. 

  • KKXX AM 930 - Chico, radio station    provides a format of national and local Christian talk to the people of the    North Valley. Features a program guide, church directory, and ministry    links. 

  • KLFF 89.3 FM, 89.5 FM and 89.9 FM -    K-Life radio in San Luis Obispo, offers a format of Contemporary Christian    music. Features Internet audio streams, contests, and concert and events    calendars. 

  • KNDL 89.7 / 89.9 / 92.5 FM - The    Candle, is an Adventist radio station broadcasting Contemporary Christian    music and Talk programs in Angwin. Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • KPRZ AM 1210 - San Diego's positive    talk radio station provides a format of Bible teaching programs and local    news. Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • KSGN 89.7 - Provides a format of    Contemporary Christian music and Bible talk programs from Riverside.    Features an event calendar and Internet audio stream. 

  • KSGN-89.7 FM - Good News Radio    in Riverside, broadcast Comtemporary Christian music and Bible teaching    program. Features an Internet stream. 

  • KVCH 104.1 FM - Provides    the students of Valley Christian High School an opportunity to learn,    operate, and manage a broadcast facility from San Jose. Features a blend of    Christian music and programs with a live RealAudio feed. 

  • KVIP 98.1 FM and AM 540 - Radio for the    Heart, Redding's Christian radio station broadcast Bible preaching, talk,    and music programs. Live Real Audio feed. 

  • KWVE 107.9 FM - San Clemente's    Christian radio station features family programming and praise and worship    music. Live Real Audio feed. 

  • KYCC 89.1 FM and KCJH 90.1 FM - Known    as Your Christian Companion radio station in Stockton, this broadcaster airs    Christian music and religious programs. Features an events calendar and a    live Internet audio stream.



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