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Radio Stations United Kingdom

Christian Radio and Television: Radio Stations United Kingdom


  • Ayr Christian Radio -    Christian music, news and comment with an emphasis on the local community    and its Christian fellowships. Contains information of the stations    broadcasts on 87.7FM in the vicinity of University Campus Ayr and the    Ayrshire DAB digital multiplex. 

  • Caleb Radio - Caleb Radio - Short    term Christian broadcaster to the Motherwell area of Lanarkshire with    feature programming and music. 

  • Calvary Chapel Radio UK    - Bible teaching and Christian music on Astra satellite Sky channel 906. 

  • Christian    Broadcasting Blog - Blog providing regular news about Christian    broadcasting from a UK perspective 

  • Christian Broadcasting UK    - News and information about Christian radio and television broadcasting,    terrestrial, satellite and online, analogue and digital, from a UK    perspective. 

  • Christian Vision - Christian    programming produced live from West Bromwich England and broadcast over    satellite, AM, FM and shortwave stations to Africa and India. Additional    facilities exist in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Zambia, Mozambique,    Angola, East Timor, India and Australia. 

  • Cross Rhythms City Radio -    FM, Internet and Satellite - Youth orientated Christian-based Community    Radio Station broadcasting across Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire on 101.8FM.    Website offers extensive information on the Christian music scene together    with online shopping. 

  • FEBA Radio - Missionary radio    station administered from the UK and broadcasting from partner transmission    locations around the world. 

  • FLAME FM Bradford - Christian radio,    streaming online from Bradford, England. Broadcasting in English and Asian    languages. 

  • Flame FM on Wirral -    Seeking to establish full-time Christian radio, Flame FM on Wirral presently    broadcasts for 28 days twice yearly. Applicant for UK Community Radio    Licence. 

  • HCJB World Radio - UK - Broadcasts    via shortwave and satellite, and helps establish local radio stations    worldwide. Details about the group, its ministries and activities, and a    link to a live audio stream. 

  • Hope FM - Community radio station    broadcasting uplifting and positive music and chat to Bournemouth, Poole,    Christchurch and surrounding areas of Dorset and Hampshire. Awarded    Community Radio licence. 

  • New Life Radio,    South Devon, England - Annual two-week broadcast aims to promote the    Gospel and to make available on-line, Bible teaching relevant to modern    society. News, programme schedule, studio webcam, and other features    available. 

  • Premier Christian Radio -    Full-time terrestrial Christian broadcaster. Broadcasting Christian music    and programming to London and southeastern England on three medium wave (am)    frequencies, online, on satellite and via Freeview terrestrial digital tv    service. Website Features reviews of programs and links to community    resources. 

  • Radio Worldwide -    UK based Christian radio programming and training organisation. 

  • Radio Worldwide Resources - A    free online radio service featuring audio books, sports stories, information    and other special broadcasts. 

  • Revival FM - 100.8 fm - Revival FM is a    Christian based, community focused radio station serving Cumbernauld and    Kilsyth in North Lanarkshire and Kirkintilloch in East Dunbartonshire. Also    broadcasting online 

  • Revival Media - Formerly the    Hour of Revival Association, makes UK local, national and international    Christian radio programmes with its three main purposes of evangelism, media    and prayer. 

  • Revival Radio - Scottish    Christian media group with focus on radio broadcasting and training. Also    offers a Scottish Christian resources directory. 

  • Shine FM - Community radio    station for Banbridge, Northern Ireland, founded on a Christian ethos. Soon    to launch on FM under new Community Radio Licence. 

  • Trans World Radio UK - Christian    radio network broadcasting on medium and short waves and on Astra satellite    Sky Digital channel 888 

  • UCB Europe - Astra 875 & online -    Leading Christian radio and television broadcasting organisation. Website    provides details of radio stations available and programme information.



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