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Christian Radio and Television: Radio Programs


  • The Albert Mohler Program -    Weekly talk show devoted to engaging contemporary culture with the biblical    truth. Archive (mp3), articles, and sermons. 

  • Ask The Pastor's - An    Ecumenical question and answer radio broadcast. 

  • Back to the    Bible - Daily Bible teaching radio program featuring Dr. Woodrow Kroll    and Co-host Tami Weissert. Includes archived programs. 

  • Bible Forum - Live radio and    Internet broadcast dedicated to providing answers to Bible questions each    Saturday. Site includes debates, articles, and audio lessons. 

  • Billy Graham    Evangelistic Association: Decision Minute - Short messages from Billy    and Franklin Graham. Features testimonies and short stories of how God is    working in people's lives. 

  • Billy Graham    Evangelistic Association: Hour of Decision - The weekly radio broadcast    of Gospel messages presented by Billy and Franklin Graham. Features a list    of radio stations and archives. [Real Audio] 

  • Bridging the Gap - Radio program    features the expositional teaching ministry of Pastor Lloyd Pulley, at    Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey. Includes podcasting, streaming, and    Real Audio archives. 

  • Call to Worship - The ministry    of Pastor Bernie Timmerman has a what's new page, articles, sermons, and a    radio broadcast schedule. 

  • CBH Ministries - Includes radio    broadcasts in RealAudio format, daily devotional, online Bible study for    kids, guestbook, station listings , shopping and information on the    international ministry. 

  • Christian Crusaders - A    weekly thiry-minute radio preaching ministry of Rev. Dr. Homer Larsen,    pastor emeritus of Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Features a    state by state broadcast listing and audio archives. [MP3] 

  • Christian Educational Ministries: Born    to Win - Archive of program messages by Ronald L. Dart. Sermons and    Bible studies. 

  • Christian Jew Foundation    CJF Ministries: Messianic Perspectives - A San Antonio, Texas, based    ministry produces a radio program and webcast of Bible-based messages that    present the Gospel in its Jewish context. Includes a list of stations,    webcast, podcast, and vodcast. 

  • Christian Mocha Latte    - A Weekly Radio Show that is a venue for local talent as well as national    alternative Christian music. Features guest hosts and special shows that    focus on local events in Syracuse, New York. 

  • The Christian    Working Woman - A three minute daily Christian radio program by Mary    Whelchel to help women cope with issues found in the workplace. 

  • Compassion Radio & Good News    You Can Use - A daily radio broadcast, based in Orange, California,    features teaching, interviews, documentaries, and on-site news reports.    Includes an archive of programs. [Real Audio] 

  • The Country Parson -    Christian Country music radio program that brings encouragment and hope to    those who love Country Music. 

  • Cultivate - Cult and New Age    Movement analysis by Jim Zilonka. E-mail newsletter and program archives    (RealAudio). 

  • Discover The Truth - Archived    streaming Bible teaching programs. 

  • Discover    the Word - A 15-minute radio program from RBC Ministries. Haddon    Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart De Haan discuss the Bible in a small group    Bible study format. 

  • FamilyLife Today -    Provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting your    family. 

  • Father Paul Dot Com - Ministry of    Father Paul Keenan of the Archdiocese of New York offers a message board,    guestbook, prayer plan, also has text and audio versions of his broadcast    messages. 

  • Fletcher Faith-Net Radio    - The Road Of Faith Broadcast with Kenneth A. Fletcher. Music, ministry,    interviews and talk. 

  • Focus on the Kingdom - The    radio ministry of Anthony Buzzard and Restoration Fellowship. Features back    issues of a monthly magazine, radio schedule, and RealAudio streaming of    archived programs. 

  • Gateway To Joy - Biblical    counsel on: marriage, family, home-life, training children, and husband/wife    roles. Listen in RealAudio to author Elisabeth Elliot or search archive    radio broadcast transcripts. 

  • Getting The Message -    Features information about the Christian radio program, Pastor Lud Golz,    transcripts of past Bible studies, publications and Christian Internet web    sites. 

  • God at Work - Christian radio    program that endeavors to teach God's Word using clear life applications and    stories. 

  • God's Great Outdoors -    Professional sportsman talking about their Christian walk. Also has an    online magazine, station listings, streaming audio, and an online store. 

  • Godsquad Radio - Christian    young people produce and host a Christian rock and youth talk program every    other Friday night from 9:30PM to Midnight on Titusville, Florida radio    station WPIO at 89.3 FM. 

  • Grace for Today - Non-profit    radio ministry about the dispensation of the grace of God. 

  • Grace to You - Bible teaching media    ministry of John MacArthur features the radio broadcasts, books,    audiocassette lessons, devotionals, and an issues and answers page. 

  • The Healing Touch -    Impact Communications Ministries presents Bible teacher Norma Dearing    proclaiming the biblical message of the healing power of Jesus on her daily    radio program. 

  • Hope for the Heart - A    Christian radio call-in counseling show founded by June Hunt. Site includes    history, counseling topics, program schedule, shopping, and Daily Hope    question and answer page. 

  • Insight for Living - Radio and audio    Bible teaching ministry of Charles Swindoll. Features radio station and    program listings, events, program archives, and resources. 

  • International Gospel Hour - Bible    preaching outreach radio broadcast of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ    in Fayetteville, TN. Features a broadcast schedule, archived audio and    transcripts of programs, and a free Bible correspondence course. 

  • Into the Word - A 30-minute    radio broadcast designed to help apply the scriptures to everyday life. New    broadcasts available online each Sunday. 

  • InTouch    Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley teaches expanded studies based on his    weekly TV and radio messages. 

  • Jesse Rich Word of Faith    Ministries - Archived radio broadcasts are in Windows Media Player    format. 

  • Just Thinking & Let My    People Think - The radio outreach of RZIM, Ravi Zacharias International    Ministries mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. Programs    available via online store, MP3, and Podcasting. 

  • Leading the Way - Dr. Michael    Youssef's world-wide radio ministry. Arabic and English broadcasts, Real    Audio messages. 

  • Lifetime Ministries - Christian talk    radio. Site provides information about shows, public meetings, and the    Lifetime Bible Fellowship, as well as web links, prayer requests, and    Q&A. 

  • Living Free - Daily two minute    radio program featuring Dr. Jimmy Lee and Pastor Bernie Miller offering    encouragement and advise to people who are grappling with life addicting    problems. 

  • Living On The Edge - Broadcast ministry    of Walk Thru the Bible featuring the teaching of Pastor Chip Ingram.    Includes schedule, archives, stations, and resources. 

  • The Making a Difference MAD    Christian Radio Show - Christian youth radio show features music,    contests, an Impact Devotional, and clothing store. 

  • Money Matters & How to Manage Your    Money - Crown Financial Ministries radio programs presents biblical    truths relating to stewardship, ethics, practical money management, and    Godís ability to meet financial needs. 

  • Moody, LaVaughn: River    Valley Ministries - Radio program host based in Lexington, Tennessee.    RealAudio broadcast clip. 

  • People's Gospel Hour - Pastor Perry    Rockwood's radio ministry with Real Audio messages. Includes daily messages    and archives, bible studies and topical messages. 

  • Politics and Religion -    Hosted by author and pastor Irvin Baxter, Jr. and focuses on explaining    world events from a biblical perspective. 

  • Praise in the Night - Healing and    deliverance radio show ministry of Steve Solomon, the founding pastor of    Riverwalk Fellowship in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

  • Presentation    Ministries: Best of Daily Bread Radio Program - Teaching on the daily    Eucharistic readings of the Catholic Church for Mass by the late, Fr. Al    Lauer. Features a list of radio stations and online listening access. 

  • Reaching Your World with    Luis Palau - Two minute Christian radio program that teaches practical    ways to reach the world with the Gospel message. Features transcripts,    RealAudio, and MP3 archives of programs. 

  • The Reality Zone - Australia    based Christian rock radio show can be heard on short wave and airwave radio    stations around the world. Features an Internet audio stream. 

  • Renewing Your Mind - R.C.    Sproul's daily radio program from Ligonier Ministries. 

  • Sasha Daltonn's Gospel Hour -    International broadcast of gospel on Shortwave WCCR, from Chicago with    singer, producer and hostess Sasha Daltonn. 

  • Silent Planet Radio -    Progressive Christian music program can be heard on Friday evenings at 90.7    FM WCLH from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Features a local concert    calendar. 

  • Speak    up with Compassion - Drama enhanced radio program features the prayers    and thoughts of impoverished children from around the world along with    insightful commentary by Compassion President Wess Stafford. 

  • The    Storyteller - Native American radio program features true stories of    First Nations people who are following Jesus Christ without reservation.    Features a free CD offer, and Podcasting. 

  • Straight from the Word    - Christian rock music radio program can be heard on Sunday evenings at 6pm    on WMEB 91.9 FM in Orono, Maine. Features information about the history and    staff of the program. 

  • Strength for Today - An    international ministry offering a free bible study via RealAudio. 

  • Success with Dale    Davidson - Christian motivational speaker provides MP3 samples of his    radio program. 

  • Sunday Morning Camp Meeting    Hour - Features the weekly gospel music radio broadcast of Pastor Sam    Coughenour, known as "The Circuit Rider". 

  • Talk the Walk Ministries -    Todd Friel's Christian talk program which airs on KKMS AM 980 in Eagan, MN.    Features a live internet stream. 

  • Telling the    Truth: Radio Broadcast - The broadcast ministry of Stuart and Jill    Briscoe. Offers streaming radio broadcasts, an on-line store, and a prayer    page. 

  • 20 The Countdown Magazine    - Weekly Christian hit radio top 20 countdown with host Jon Rivers. 

  • Through the Bible - The five year bible    teaching program of Dr. J. Vernon McGee offering testimonies, archived    broadcasts via RealAudio, foreign language broadcasts, a bookstore, study    guides and a broadcast schedule. 

  • Truth for Life -    Daily Bible teaching broadcast by Alistair Begg. Guestbook, station    listings, broadcast schedule, resource catalog and Real Audio and MP3    versions of programs. 

  • Truth for Today - Offering    transcripts of bible studies from their radio broadcasts. 

  • ViewPoint - A Christian life issues    magazine program broadcast worldwide in a variety of languages via radio and    TV. It deals with topics like sex, faith, singleness, and anorexia through    the lives of people around the world. 

  • A Visit with the Joneses - The    Jones family broadcast ministry features Bert Jones at the organ, the    history of the 50 plus year Christian radio ministry, and links to where to    listen. The well known hymn, In Times Like These was written by Ruth Caye    Jones. 

  • Voice for Life -    A daily radio program of LifeSavers Ministries that features an account of a    baby saved from abortion. 

  • Voice That Listen - A non-dogmatic    interview program hosted Maureen Gallagher, OP to discuss present and    alternative truths. Airs on St. Xavier University's WXAV 88.3 FM on Sundays    and WJJG 1530 AM on Wednesdays. 

  • Walk in the Word - James    MacDonald provokes Christians to think and act on their faith. Program    archives online (WindowsMedia, RealAudio). 

  • WarTalk - Explores the nature of    the unseen war between good and evil and applies Biblical insights to the    conflict. Features an MP3 audio archive of programs. 

  • Wisdom for the Heart -    Bible-based expository radio ministry of Dr. Stephen Davey. Audio archives    (RealMedia). 

  • The Word for Life - Bible    preaching and teaching from Dr. Sam Horn and Dr. Les Ollila. Features    resources and podcasting. 

  • Word for the World - Features the    Bible teaching radio ministry of Dr. Earl H. Bailey. Programs are    transmitted via satellite to receiving stations and then transmitted over    the globe. 

  • A Word from the Word - A    daily radio program features Dr. Dan Hayden exploring the meaning of a    single word from Scripture. Includes written articles, products, podcasting    and MP3 archive. 

  • The Word Today Radio Ministry -    A worldwide radio ministry reaching the world for Christ. Offers a broadcast    schedule, listeners lettes, sermon tapes and a newsletter. 

  • Words    to Live By - Hear real-life stories of everyday people and how their    lives were changed through God's Word. This 30-minute radio program features    Bible teacher Dave Burnham. 

  • World Ministries International    - "Warning" is a daily 15-minute radio broadcast featuring Rev.    Jonathan Hansen, chairman of World Ministries International. 

  • ZJAM - A national youth radio show    playing Christian rock/alternative music and discussing a different topic    each week. Has a Bible study, chat, contests, games, top 25 and a broadcast    schedule.

  • Adventures In Odyssey    Wonderworld - Fan site features episode reviews, news, schedule, and a    message board. 

  • Howdypardner Online    - Adventures in Odyssey fan page with original script and fan fiction, poll,    commentary and links. [No updates since 12.31.01] 

  • Odyssey Scoop    - By Kathy Wierenga. Monthly "news" feature in Focus on the    Family's Clubhouse Magazine. 

  • The Odyssey Scoop - A fansite    featuring various sections on the Odyssey audio and book series, interviews,    and articles. 

  •    - Adventures in Odyssey - Listen to today's or previous broadcasts. 

  • The Ultimate Adventures in    Odyssey Web Site - News, polls, exclusive interviews, chat room and    reviews.



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