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Christian Radio and Television: Radio


  • Air One Radio Network - Broadcasts    Contemporary Christian music programming to affiliate stations across the    United States. Features artist links, bumper stickers, videos, events and    internet audio stream. 

  • Association of Christian Broadcasters    - Christian broadcasters in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific,    includes program sources, music sources and producers. 

  • The    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: Blue Ridge Broadcasting - The    radio ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association provides    Christian music and religious programs to affiliate stations. 

  • CBC - Crawford    Broadcasting Company - Provides Christian and secular programming to    affiliate stations. Features a public forum known as The Crawford Stand. 

  • CDR Radio Network - The Path, a Media    Ministry of Cedarville University in Ohio broadcasts Bible teaching    programs, inspirational music and news to affiliate stations. Features an    event calendar, bookstore and Internet audio stream. 

  • Christian Media Network    - Broadcasts a format of Bible prophecy programs on affiliate shortwave and    satellite stations as well as real audio streams. 

  • Christian Resource Centre    International - Producers of religious programming for radio stations.    Has streaming audio, a prayer page and missionary information. 

  • - An    information portal with resources and prayer support linking Christian radio    broadcasters working and ministering in Canada. 

  • -    Stations, shows, performers and radio resources on the web. 

  • CSN - Calvary Satellite Network    International - Provides Bible teaching commentary from primarily    Calvary Chapel pastors and praise and worship music to affiliate radio    stations, Sky Angel Satellite System and live streaming audio. 

  • Ecumenical Communications - Produces    religious radio programs and radio spots along with audio production and    restoration services. 

  • Effect Radio Network - Provides    a format of Christian alternative and modern rock music to affiliate    stations. Features an internet audio stream. 

  • Far East Broadcasting Company - Philppines    - FEBC is an international Christian radio network reaching into Russia,    Ukraine, Asia and parts of Africa and the Middle East. Mission statement,    projects and press releases. 

  • FEBC - Far East Broadcasting Co. - A    non-denominational, international Christian radio network that broadcasts    the gospel in more than 150 languages from 32 transmitters located    throughout the world. Features resources, prayer support and a ministry    profile. 

  • Good News Broadcasting GNB -    Broadcast ministry of Back to the Bible International, producing Bible    teaching radio programs and publishing literature in several languages. 

  • Good News Network - Christian radio    network provides news updates, Christian programming and event announcements    to radio station affiliates. 

  • Gospel Broadcasting    Mission & The Christians' Hour (GBM/TCH) - Assisting missionaries,    nationals, churches and other Christian ministries to produce radio programs    that will preach the Gospel in various languages. 

  • GRF Christian Radio - Producer of    Christian radio programming for both secular and Christian radio stations. 

  • HCJB World Radio - Missionary broadcast    organization that includes international shortwave, local stations,    satellite program delivery and the Internet. The core ministries include    mass media, healthcare and education. 

  • His Air - Serving Christian Internet    and airwave radio broadcasters and record labels with information about job    openings, news, radio airchecks, and interviews. 

  • IBN - Immanuel Broadcasting Network -    Praise Christian Radio provides continuous music, religious and educational    programming through its affiliate stations. 

  • Imagination Media - Full    service and creative production company serving the Christian radio    community. 

  • Jemimah Media - Producer of the    Gospel Country and Heartsongs programs, The Word For Today segments and The    Passion of Easter narrative for christian radio. Programs can be heard in    Australia. 

  • KFSI Radio - Faith Sound Inc. Christian    radio station in Rochester, Minnesota, serving Southeast Minnesota,    Northeast Iowa and Southwestern Wisconsin with 6 frequencies on the radio    dial. Features music and Bible teaching programs. 

  • KHCB Radio Network - Broadcasts    religious programs and music to affiliate stations from Houston, Texas.    Features a Spanish network and Asian programming, program schedule and    Internet audio stream. 

  • K-Love Christian Radio Network -    Broadcasts contemporary Christian music to affiliate radio stations.    Features news stories, concerts, events and Internet audio stream. 

  • KTLW Radio Network - Broadcasts    Inspirational music and religious programs to affiliate stations from it    flagship studio in Lancaster, California. An auxiliary ministry of The    Church On The Way, this network features an internet audio stream. 

  • Life Changing Radio -    Network of radio station in New England that provides Bible teaching,    information and talk programs to affiliate stations. 

  • LifeTalk Radio Network - SDA radio    network offers interactive talk balanced with music. Feature a network    station listing, live and archived programs available via RealPlayer and a    meet the staff page. 

  • The Light Radio Network - A    network of Christian radio stations covering Vermont and other parts of New    England and Canada. Features upcoming events, news, and program schedule. 

  • MBN - Moody Broadcasting Network - A    ministry of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois, broadcasts    Christian programming to affiliate stations. Features an internet audio    feed. 

  • NACRR - National Association Of Christian    Rock Radio - A resource to Christian radio stations, shows and personnel    who broadcast Christian rock, alternative, metal and rhythmic music. 

  • Northwestern College Radio Network    - Northwestern Media Group features links to affiliate station outlets. 

  • Oasis Radio Network - Provides    religious programs and music to affiliate radio stations. Features a    coverage area maps, program schedule and contact information. 

  • Overcomer International -    Christian radio ministry providing broadcasts via shortwave, satellite and    online stream. 

  • Positive Life Radio - This Christian    radio network in Washington offers contemporary Christian music and    religious programs to affiliate stations. Find a list of station frequencies    or listen online. 

  • Praise Network, The - Aurora,    Nebraska Christian radio network provides programs of instruction,    information and inspiration to affiliate radio stations. 

  • Presbyterian Council for Media    - Producer of Christian public service announcements for radio that proclaim    God's message of hope to the people of Appalachia. 

  • Radio 74 Internationale - Adventist    Christian radio network that broadcasts Bible teaching programs, traditional    music and religious news to affiliate stations in North America. 

  • Radio New Jerusalem - A    resource directory of news and information for Christian shortwave radio    enthusiasts. 

  • Radio Veritas Asia - Catholic    shortwave broadcaster in Quezon City, Philippines which transmits programs    to Asia in 17 languages. 

  • Radio Worldwide -    Christian programming in English and Hindi, provides training in    broadcasting and works to develop and establish new media projects    worldwide. 

  • RBC Ministries Asia - Bible study    and devotional in Asian languages. 

  • The Refuge - Positive Hit Music    - Refuge Radio Network in Duluth, Minnesota features current playlist,    upcoming regional concerts and staff profiles. 

  • Rejoice Broadcast Network - Radio    ministry of Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Features an Internet    audio stream. 

  • Salem Radio Network - A    full-service satellite radio network based in Irving, Texas. Serves    Christian formatted and general market news/talk stations through affiliate    partnerships. 

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network    - 3ABN - Christian television and radio network broadcast gospel music,    Bible teaching, and self help programs by satellite. Media broadcasts are    also available online in several digital formats. 

  • Toccoa Falls College Radio Network    - TFC Radio Network has a song request, ministry spotlight, program    schedule, a listing of all their stations, streaming RealAudio and photo    gallery. 

  • Trans World Radio Europe - TWR-E    - TWR Europe relays Christian programming to the various transmission sites    in more than 50 languages throughout the European continent, Central Asia    and the Middle East. 

  • Trans World Radio TWR - Christian radio    network that offers inspirational programming in various languages around    the world via satellite, cable, Internet and local AM and FM stations. 

  • United News & Information UNI - A    Christian news and information service offers a full religion news feed to    radio broadcasters. Features a newsletter and devotional materials. 

  • Vatican Radio - Official    website of the Pope features live news, religious transmissions, and music    to the world through a network of radio and satellite stations and Internet    audio channels. 

  • VCY American - Network of radio    stations in the United States. Offers a network schedule, stations listing,    kids talk, child adoption information and streaming audio via Windows Media    Player. 

  • WBCL Radio Network - Taylor University    broadcasts Contemporary Christian music to affiliate station in Ohio and    Indiana. Features a Streaming audio feed, community calendar, program    schedule, outreach projects and news. 

  • WEWN - Global Catholic Radio,    which operates daily on WEWN shortwave, via satellite and live audio    streams, and on AM/FM stations in U.S. 

  • Wilkins Communications Network    - Provides listeners with encouraging, thought-inspiring programs that    proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Features a list of network stations,    coverage maps, and statement of faith. 

  • WLFJ 89.3 FM & AM 660 - His    Radio, broadcasts Contemporary Christian music in Greenville, SC and to    affiliate stations WLFS 91.9FM in Savannah, GA and WRTP FM/AM in Durham, NC.    Includes an Internet audio stream.



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