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Christian Radio and Television: Television Programs


  • Adra's    World - A weekly, award-winning television program. ADRA is present in    more than 120 countries and provides humanitarian assistance without regard    to race, gender, political, or religious affiliation. 

  • Amazing Facts Television and Radio    - Telecasts include: Everlasting Gospel, Central Study Hour, Millennium of    Prophecy, and 3ABN Bible Answers with Pastor Doug Batchelor. Has a College    of Evangelism and a Bible school. Radiocasts include Bible Answers Live via    affiliated radio stations and the Internet, plus archived radio sermons by    Christian evangelist Joe Crews. 

  • American Bible Society Presents    - A short video clip of the current episode is offered, together with an    archive of past episodes (brief description plus streaming media), a time    and station listing plus a bio of show host and ABS President, Dr. Paul    Irwin. 

  • Ang Dating Daan - The Old Path -    The site of Brother Eliseo F. Soriano with information on the religion and    doctrines. ADD is based in the Philippines and has internet TV programming. 

  • The Awakening - Randy    Phillips presents contemporary praise and worship music in this half-hour    program from Austin, Texas. 

  • Barnard, Jerry - Includes a    television schedule, itinerary, products, and photos. 

  • Breakthrough - Ministry of Rod    Parsley and the World Harvest Church. Includes online sermons, a bookstore,    a guestbook, a newsletter, plus crusade, television and radio schedules. 

  • Breath of Life    Ministries - Pastor Walter Pearson's half-hour program seen on satellite    and cable networks. Includes a calendar of events, news page, and online    media archives. 

  • ByFaith Christian    Mission TV - Christian Reality TV. The adventure of a lifetime begins    when two brothers execute mission around the world 

  • Carter, John - Pastor John    and Beverley Carter of Arcadia, California, host the weekly Carter Report    series on several networks. The site includes a collection of illustrated    reports on Egypt and updates on evangelistic crusades in the former Soviet    Union. 

  • Cathedral at Chapel Hill - Has an events    calendar, sermon notes, ministry overview, and photos. 

  • Crossroads Christian Communications    Inc. - National ministry outreach and producer of Christian television    programming such as 100 Huntley Street, Listen Up, TQ, and The Warehouse. 

  • Crystal Cathedral    Ministries - Hour of Power - Presented by Dr. Robert H. Schuller and his    son, Dr. Robert A. Schuller, II. Includes TV listings, streaming video, and    guest interviews. 

  • Darlene Bishop Ministries -    Darlene Bishop is Co-Pastor of Solid Rock Church and the host of the Sisters    television program seen in over 200 countries. Includes a video library as    well as Darlene's itinerary, blog, forum and photo gallery. 

  • Day, Dr. Lorraine - Lorraine Day, MD,    an expert on natural healing, has appeared on many of the Christian TV    networks, as well as Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Larry King    Live. 

  • Day    of Discovery - Guide to RBC's award-winning weekly TV broadcast on    contemporary and historical issues touching the Christian faith. 

  • Del Way Ministries - Pastor Del Way    is host of "By the Way" on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. DWM    has a sermon of the month, an online store, and information about the    church. 

  • Digging Up The Past    - David Down's TV series on biblical archaeology. Includes a complete list    of Egypt's dynasties. An Internet-based correspondence study course is    available. Info on tours, upcoming digs, and "Archaeological    Diggings" magazine. 

  • Dr. Gene Scott - Broadcasting 24    hours a day on shortwave, television and internet. 

  • The Dream Center Network -    Ministries that meet the needs, heal the hurts, and solve the problems of    inner-city people. Has RealPlayer archived shows. 

  • Edges with Mal Fletcher - A magazine    format TV program presenting Christian responses to modern social and    lifestyle issues. 

  • Ernest Angley Ministries -    Presents the weekly "Ernest Angley Hour" and the daily    "Ninety and Nine Club." Has information about literature, music,    missions and archived sermons. 

  • Ever Increasing Faith Ministries -    Ministry of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price. Has a ministry information page,    RealVideo streaming of weekly sermons, and an on-line store. 

  • Evidence - The Evidence is a    weekly program based on the belief that those who desire to know God will    find plenty of evidence on which to rest their faith. 

  • Exploring the Word - Pastor    Lonnie Melashenko's weekly telecast on the Hope Channel that features    prophecies and themes from the Bible. 

  • Faith for Today -    Producers of Lifestyle Magazine, Westbrook Hospital, McDougall M.D., and    other Christian programs. 

  • First Century Foundations with Joe    Amaral - A weekly program committed to teaching Christians about the    biblical roots of Christianity by providing a close-up look at the Holy    Land. They work to increase tourism and support to Israel. 

  • Full Quiver Productions    - The new Christian television series entitled The Church. The series    encourages people to explore Christian claims instead of dismissing them out    of hand. 

  • God's News Behind the News -    Archived broadcasts are available using Real Media or Windows Media. An    online store, a catalog, Israeli news, and information on the conference are    included. 

  • Gravedigger Show - This    real-life, award-winning program is about a man who previously lived in a    cardboard box for 18 months and now brings hope to millions through Jesus's    use of him. 

  • Hagee, John - As seen on TBN, offering    RealAudio teachings, a listing of scheduled stations and times, a magazine,    and a resource center. 

  • Harmon, Nancy - The    "Love Special" program is the longest-running music program on the    Trinity Broadcasting Network. Also has a broadcasting schedule, a store, and    an online booking requests page. 

  • Health Seminars Unlimited, Inc. -    Abundant Living - Curtis and Paula Eakins present education for healthy    living along with vegetarian recipes. 

  • Heritage Singers USA    - All available videos and CDs are listed. Includes concert schedules,    photos, a fellowship page, and contact information for Max and Lucy Mace. 

  • Hillsong Television - A    half-hour Christian program with Pastor Brian Houston, Darlene Zschech and    the Hillsong Music Australia team. Also has an online store, a broadcast    schedule and tour information. 

  • 100 Huntley    Street - Daily Christian television program, produced by Crossroads    Christian Communications inc. 

  • In Touch Ministries - The Bible    teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.    Includes stations, times, and languages for each country. 

  • It Is Written with Mark Finley and Shawn    Boonstra - The first religious telecast in color that initially aired    March 1956. A Christian broadcasting forerunner that is currently aired    worldwide. 

  • Jack Van Impe Ministries International    - Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe analyze news and world events in the light    of Bible prophecy. Offers station listings, archived broadcasts, and    ministry publications. 

  • Jakes, T.D. - Broadcasting "The    Potter's House" on several networks and stations. Also offers a    ministry information page, a ministry store, upcoming conferences and a    prayer room. 

  • Jesse Duplantis Ministries - Featuring    an on-line broadcast center, television schedule, magazine and store. 

  • Jesus Making    Ministries - Ministry of James and Scotty Hickox. Includes broadcast    schedule, articles and surveys. 

  • The Joy of Music with Diane Bish    - Interviewing musicians and exploring the world of great composers. Has    broadcast and concert schedules, ordering information for videos and CDs,    and information about the musical tours. 

  • Joyce Meyer Ministries - Enjoying    Everyday Life - Includes listings for both television and radio, conference    schedules, a store, a mailing list for their magazine, and online video    archives. 

  • Jubilee Christian Center    - Offers a broadcast schedule for their internationally televised program    plus archived sermons by Pastor Dick Bernal. 

  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries - Believer's    Voice of Victory - Hosted by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Offers the KCM    Study Center, a store, streaming media, and articles. 

  • Kerr, Barbara -    Author and guest-hostess appearing on 3ABN. Includes vegetarian recipes,    cooking utensils and resources for the Bible-based vegetarian gourmet. 

  • Kingsley's Meadow    - Kingsley is a friendly lion who is also a storyteller. The stories are    from the Bible and teach character qualities. The program is produced by the    American Bible Society. 

  • Larson, Bob    - Ministry of Bob Larson, an expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural    phenomena. Includes information on the Spiritual Freedom Conference. 

  • Larson, Tammy - Tammy appears on    "Melody From My Heart" and has produced a CD of her inspirational    music. Also includes the children's activity books, photos, and biographical    information. 

  • Life Outreach International - As    seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network hosted by James and Betty Robison.    Offers a station search, upcoming topics, find-a-guest, and a missions    outreach page. 

  • Lindsey, Hal - The speaker    analyzes world news and current events. Includes commentary, media archives,    and an online store for Mr. Lindsey's books and materials. 

  • Listen Up! - Television program    covering world events and issues from a Christian perspective. 

  • Living 100 Percent - "Zontas 100 tois    100" is a program in the Greek language that presents the love of Jesus    Christ as the secret to successful living. 

  • Living on Course - Daily    show hosted by Casey Treat to encourage Christians to renew their minds.    Offers broadcast schedule, one minute audio message, and information about    the ministry. 

  • Living Way Ministries - Radio and    TV programs by Pastor Jack Hayford of The Church on the Way in San Fernando    Valley, CA. Includes information on The King's College and Seminary, the    School of Pastoral Nurture, plus broadcast schedules. 

  • The Logan Show - The program is an    alternative to late night television offering live Christian music and clean    comedy sketches. 

  • Love Worth Finding - Ministry of Dr.    Adrian Rogers, has a broadcast schedule, archived programs and station    listings. 

  • Mac Hammond Ministries - The    Winner's Way weekly broadcast with Mac and Lynne Hammond from Minneapolis,    Minnesota: Read their online magazine, look up broadcast schedules, and    learn about Club 3 Degrees. 

  • Magnify The Lord - Hosted by    Pastor Gary L. Gordon and his wife, Linda, of the Liberty Christian    Fellowship in Cresaptown, MD. Includes archived broadcasts in Real Video    format. 

  • Marilyn Hickey Ministries    - Produces "Today with Marilyn and Sarah." They include a    broadcast schedule plus information about their Orchard Road Christian    Center, Women's Mentoring Clinic, and overseas ministry trips. 

  • Mario Murillo Ministries -    Produces a weekly broadcast. Site includes a calendar of events, a    newsletter, and biographical information. 

  • New Birth    Missionary Baptist Church - The ministry of Bishop Eddie L. Long.    Includes both television and radio schedules. Video on demand and online    tours are also available. 

  • New Day Ministries, Inc. - "It's    a New Day" is a one-hour, daily program that provides Christian    teaching, testimony, and music. The hosts, Audrey and Bob Meisner, and    Willard and Betty Theissen, are based in Canada. 

  • New Morning - Timberly Whitfield    hosts an hour filled with inspiration from the great faith traditions and    from the lives of ordinary men and women. 

  • New Perceptions - The    Christian ministry of Dwight K. Nelson, Ph.D., which features the collegiate    worship service at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews    University . 

  • Orthodox Christian Television -    Airs Saturdays on KSCI Channel 18 in Los Angeles, California, and features    Orthodox Christian programming. Hosted by Wahid Boctor and Mona Ibrahim in    English and Arabic. 

  • Osteen, Joel - The    schedule for Joel Osteen's sermons from the Lakewood Church in Houston,    Texas, USA. His weekly programs are now televised around the world. 

  •    - The online ministries of Cathedral of Praise and Overcoming Faith    Television, founded and pastored by Dr. Gene and Sue Lingerfelt. 

  • Paula White Ministries - Paula    and Randy White pastor the Without Walls International Church of Tampa,    Florida. A schedule of TV networks , a mailing list, and an itinerary for    Paula are available. Browse the complete King James Bible online. 

  • Pensanti, Dr. Helen - A    discussion-oriented program with doctors from the United States and Europe    on topics such as 21st century medicine, and the combination of traditional    and natural medicine. Offers an online catalog, fact sheets, and contact    information. 

  • Prevailing Faith Today - A    telecast with Pastor Clayton Shepherd of Prevailing Faith Church, Pasadena,    Texas. Listen to recorded programming and visit the bookstore. Site includes    a prayer-request form. 

  • Prophecy Watch - A    prophecy-oriented, multi-media ministry with news, articles, and a bulletin    board. The program is seen on the Sky Angel satellite system. 

  • Puppet Parade - A Bible-based TV    show for children. Producers Gary Davisson and Neila Moore bring Puppet    Parade to life with lots of puppets and God's Grace. 

  • Question of God - PBS -    This 4-hour series from WGBH Boston examines the question: Does God exist?    "The Question of God" is a focus on the opposing views of Sigmund    Freud and C.S. Lewis and is based on a Harvard course taught by Dr. Armand    Nicholi, the author of a book by the same title. 

  • The Real Winning Edge - A    Christian-based program about youth overcoming obstacles and making right    choices. 

  • Reasons    to Believe - A show whose purpose is to show that science and faith are,    and always will be, allies, not enemies. Includes a broadcast schedule,    station listing, program guide, and RealPlayer streaming of archived shows. 

  • Reginald B. Cherry Ministries - The    Doctor and the Word - Includes a ministry overview, online store and a    sample of their newsletter. 

  • Ron Phillips Ministries -    Central Message telecasts and daily CenterPoint broadcasts via radio and    Internet are outreaches of Ron Phillips Ministries. Find television and    radio schedules, articles from their quarterly magazine, and information    about their church near Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

  • Shelton, Linda - The sprouting    ministry of Linda Shelton, a co-founder of Three Angels Broadcasting    Network, 3ABN, and a former, well-respected, long-time employee of that    worldwide media group. 

  • Site for the Lord -    Dedicated to providing Bible-related articles for Christians and others plus    transcripts of the Lawrence, Kansas, program entitled "Think on These    Things." 

  • Southern Gospel Showcase    - A weekly show featuring Southern Gospel music videos, news, and concert    information for the Central Louisiana area, hosted by Mark Lanier and    Marcelle Slaughter. 

  • Spirit Connection Multimedia    Home - Spirit Connection, the weekly program from the United Church of    Canada, airs on Vision TV. The program is produced by their Berkeley Studio    facility and has won several awards over its 15 year history. 

  • Stafford, Nancy - Nancy hosted    "Great Day America" and "Hands of Mercy," both for    PAX-TV, and "Inspirational Life Awards" for INSP - Inspiration    Network. Her book is now in its third printing. 

  • Steve and Kathy Gray -    Formatted with a talk-show motif, Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray draw their    audience with humor and wit. The Grays have been forging ahead for the Lord    with over 25 years of full-time ministry. 

  • Straight Talk Television - A    Bible-based media organisation committed to presenting the good news and    absolute claims of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching. 

  • Teen Scene 4 U - A    Christian teen show that focuses on the topics and music that influence    Christian teens today. Also has photos, host biographies, music reviews and    a message board. 

  • Temple of Deliverance    Church of God in Christ - Hosted by Bishop G.E. Patterson, includes live    and archived sermons and radio broadcasts. 

  • There's Hope - A weekly telecast    with Dr. Richard Lee. Includes a broadcast schedule, a store, and news    headlines of interest to the Christian community. 

  • This Is Your Day -    Benny Hinn's half-hour daily program, carried on several cable networks and    local stations. Broadcasts from the past two weeks available in RealVideo    and Windows Media Player formats. 

  • TQ - Hosted by Shauna    Simmons and her puppet friends, it has a RealPlayer promo, free book offer    and contact information. 

  • Travel the Road - A reality    series that documents the lives of young missionaries, Tim Scott and Will    Decker, into the world of frontline mission work. 

  • True Step Ministries - Teen    Pathways - Features a discussion panel of young adults exploring topics    relevant to Christian teens. Has a calendar of upcoming events and a    newsletter from Cheri Peters. 

  • Urquhart, Colin - One of    Britain's revivalist preachers. Offers RealPlayer streaming of his radio and    television messages and an on-line shop with his books on healing and faith.



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